SHIP Music Festival 2024


12–15. septembar 2024.


Slika za SHIP Music Festival 2024

Poslednja izmena: 26. apr 2024.

SHIP is a three day celebration of music in Šibenik, Croatia. Performances are taking place on a breathtaking St. Michael’s Fortress with Adriatic sea as the scenery, multipurpose venue House of Art Arsen, Šibenik’s soul Azimut club, and Tunel an underground network of tunnels transformed in an electronic music venue. With venues being scattered across Šibenik, the city becomes the festival.

SHIP is organized by We Move Music Croatia (HUZIP, HGU, HUIG, HUOKU) in collaboration with the Fortress of Culture Šibenik, and it is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Tourist Board.

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