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subota / 4. maj 2024.





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Poslednja izmena: 26. apr 2024.

Edin tsola

Terrible Twos - leave all your frustration on the floor. Join us the; djs are beautiful, the bartender are beautiful, even the soundman is beautiful.

Free form expression, kindness and decadence. Terrible twos brings fresh faces and some of the most knowledgeable djs on the scene. Showing the alternative side of Belgrade electronic scene. From anything wave, ebm, chug, leftfield, house, acid to fine experimental jewels. Terrible twos will aim to carefully curate selection of djs.


600rsd before midnight
800rsd after midnight

Edin - is a top connoisseur of music, one of the Belgrade DJs with an always refined selection of true eclecticism, whose sets are difficult to classify in one direction. He plays with the audience creating a real idyllic club setting. Father of Putnik series and the person behind Drugstore and whypeopledance online profiles. You can catch him playing at Drugstore, Dim, Karmakoma, KC Grad, Lift,...

blackprotocol - a resident at Dim (@dimsam__) and Mrak (@mrak_je) series, who flirts with the audience enthrallingly. He tends to seduce you with his experimental sets, it is enough to close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the sound waves in his charge. Very versatile from slow tempo to hi-nrg beats. We can hear him at renowned Belgrade clubs like Drugstore, Karmakoma, etc.

lukabeograd - one half of Pricey duo, organizer of Pricey parties, resident at Ljubimac. His talent for cognition begins with the fusion of various electronic genres, in base is oriental, indie-dance and ebm.

tsola - also one of the residents at Dim and Mrak series, leaves his mark with dynamic sets, as we heard during the insane 9-hour b2b set with illillillil in a small room during Mrak at Drugstore. Named Dim’s (@dimsam___) newcomer of the year 2023.

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