Judaah, The Pilotwings, Stevie Whisper


petak / 9. feb 2024.





Slika za Judaah, The Pilotwings, Stevie Whisper

Poslednja izmena: 12. apr 2024.

For exactly a decade, Judaah’s label Brothers From Different Mothers was the home of some of the nastiest names in the game, including IUEKE, jZBEL, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, OKO DJ, Simo Cell, and here present The Pilotwings, who will join the lineup with a DJ set. As the booker for Bi:Pole, program manager at Razzle, and boss at HSS (Homemade Sound System, BFDM’s lil sis label), Judaah has stretched the possibilities of his DJ going multiverse and taking you from dancehall Lyon to ghetto tech Marseille. Now, the team is closing the label with a Big Bang, and Karmakoma is lucky to be on the back of their farewell tour t-shirt. Joining them is the local promoter, artist, and DJ who hosted Judaah in the past life of this space back in 2019, as well as OKO DJ (2018), and Eiger Drums Propaganda (2023), Yes label boss, Stevie Whisper.

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