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From jazzy moments, clean pianos, to fat acid basslines, and all the way to solid house beats, all of this will resonate through the lively KC Grad!

Together with the energetic brother duo, Luton and Šćepa, this will be one proper house delivery!


Based in Colombia’s capital Bogotá, Felipe Gordon is a renaissance man. The producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and label head from Bogotá, Colombia is nothing short of a phenom, effortlessly fusing complex sound combinations from Jazz samples to flowing pianos and acid bass lines into hugely exciting and unique house records. It’s a sound which comes together perfectly to create tracks which have been moving waves worldwide over the last couple of years. Felipe has already released a string of hugely well regarded tracks and worked on remixes for some of the coolest labels out there including Shall Not Fade, Toy Tonics, Royal Oak, Heist Recordings, Razor n' Tape and his own Nómada Records.


Luton & Šćepa, still on their way up, but already absolute main club attraction on Balkan region’s scene. You won’t see anyone playing and enjoying classic house music as much as they do!

With a robust musical foundation rooted in instrument mastery, including drums by Luton and bass guitar by Šćepa, they deliver sets characterized by a solid groove and diverse harmonies and solos that will captivate you and invite you to dance along their musical journey.

More than just musicians, Luton & Šćepa are architects of unforgettable party experiences, transforming every venue they touch into a vibrant celebration and dance!

Artwork: @passer_illustration

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