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Esa (ZAF)
Nevena Jeremic
Little Lu

We clearly remember Max Abysmal introducing the Belgrade audience to the work of Esa during his NYE set at Drugstore when he dropped the then-hot collaboration with NarchBeats and Pendo Zawose in “Blast.” A vibe that was most wanted for some time on local dance floors.

Whether he’s performing as a DJ, with Ntombi Ndaba & Esa’s Afro Synth Band, curating South African Cape Jazz/Afro-Synth/Bubblegum compilations, or touring with Ata Kak and Mim Suleiman, Esa Wiliams has devoted his time on this rock to share inspirations from South Africa and gleaming productions with the West world.

Worldwide FM host and Sub Club resident is preparing to give us a blend of Kwaito house, Afro disco, and a pinch of techno on the first Friday in April. Joined by Nevena Jeremić and Little Lu.

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