Footworks Open Air Show: Paco Osuna (ESP)


subota / 29. jun 2024.



New Tekstil


New Tekstil
Slika za Footworks Open Air Show: Paco Osuna (ESP)

Poslednja izmena: 18. jun 2024.

Dimitri J i Un Padre predstavljaju Footworks Open Air Show 29. Juna. U goste nam dolazi legenda svetske elektronske scene Paco Osuna. Rezident zvanično najboljeg kluba na svetu Hi Ibize po prvi put dolazi na open air Footworks Show u Dunavskoj 86, New Tekstil, Beograd!

Pored domaćina show-a, i jednih od najtraženijih artista regiona Dimitri J i Un Padre-a, za DJ pultom ce se naći i Sam Blans iz Amsterdama i Jaša iz Bosne.


FOOTWORKS SHOW “Started as radio podcast residency at Ibiza Club News radio, and continued to expand to dance floors, Footworks Show is a non-stoping musical force, transforming the club life with fast-paced tech house, house, and techno sound'‘.

Footworks Showcase is a club concept, focused on a carefully chosen artist hosted by Dimitri J and Un Padre.

We're thrilled to announce an unforgettable night of music as Footworks Show brings the world-renowned artists, Paco Osuna at Belgrade's new hot venue New Tekstil, Belgrade.

A Spanish music legend known for his unique blend of dark, driving rhythms and infectious energy. With a career spanning over two decades, Paco has consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music.

We're excited to announce that our special guests for this night are Sam Blans from Amsterdam, an up-and-coming talent who's been making waves in the electronic music scene and Jasa from Bosnia.

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