ABC showcase :: Herck (ROU)


petak / 3. maj 2024.





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Bread & Butter
Cosmic Eve

ABC is an independent non-prof it organization that was founded in 2010 with a mission to develop youth programs and act as an idea laboratory with a positive impact on the community. With their enthusiasm and clever thinking, ABC has helped to promote the growth of the electronic music community in the West of Romania. Their commitment to the development of young people and their dedication to innovative ideas has earned them a reputation as a leading organization in their f ield. Through their programs and initiatives, ABC is helping to build a stronger and more vibrant community for the future.

Committed to supporting local talent and promoting the development of a strong party brand focused on minimal techno grooves. They have been instrumental in fostering a thriving electronic music scene in the organizing events and providing a platform for local DJs and producers to showcase their skills.

ABC has also developed three dif ferent vinyl labels that are dedicated to promoting new and emerging talent in the electronic music industry. Their commitment to the local community and the development of young talent has made them a respected and valued organization in the region.

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