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subota / 11. maj 2024.





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Venture into the sonic labyrinth of producer and DJ extraordinaire Piezo, an avant-garde bass architect hailing from the pulsating heart of Milan's electronic circuitry. Known for bold explorations of infinite permutational kinetics of dance music, Piezo's psychedelic sonic universe challenges, inspires, and transports.

A maverick in the electronic music realm, Piezo's sound creations are renowned for their wonky and mind-warping nature, traversing a spectrum from slow grooves to rapid-fire beats. With a discography spanning key labels like TSVI's Nervous Horizon, Facta and K-lone's Wisdom Teeth, as well as Swamp81, Idle Hands and his own Ansia, Piezo has positioned himself as the forward-most bass producer of our times: his each track is a blend of sound design innovation and all-out playfulness, combining glitched-out textures, penetrating basslines and fragmented rhythms into a tapestry of sound that's equally mesmerizing and funny.

Piezo's prowess extends beyond the studio to the DJ booth, as he brings his signature beats to audiences, submerging people in waves of broken beats, technoid sound design, unconventional textures and of course bass weight you can feel in your chest! His electrifying, unpredictable dj sets are always a journey into the unknown, where sonic landscapes shift and evolve, bpms, textures and rhythms ever-change, guided by his relentless pursuit of movement: forward.

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