Ritmik: Kim Ann Foxman (USA)


subota / 15. jun 2024.





Slika za Ritmik: Kim Ann Foxman (USA)

Poslednja izmena: 28. maj 2024.

Kim Ann Foxman

Join Ritmik organisation as we return with an extraordinary event set in the iconic Kalemegdan Fortress at the very heart of Belgrade. Located on Clock Tower's terrace, this exclusive, open-air gathering promises an unforgettable evening under the stars, surrounded by the amazing 360-degree view of Belgrade’s most beautiful park.

Limited to just 400 attendees, this event offers an intimate atmosphere where every moment feels personal. This time, our lineup features an all-female ensemble of DJs, led by the masterful Kim Ann Foxman. Celebrating her return to Serbia, this event marks 10 years since her legendary performance at the Exit Festival in 2014. With help of local talents Stellarcompanion and Tijamara you will be taken away on a special musical journey tailored for the serious dancers and dedicated listeners among us.

Prepare to be immersed in an exotic setting where history meets rhythm, and where each beat resonates deeper amidst the ancient walls. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect through dance and music at the heart of hearts of Serbia's great capital.

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