Music Reactions Outdoor Rave: Jun


subota / 22. jun 2024.



Hangar Luka Beograd


Hangar Luka Beograd
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Boston 168
Vladimir Dubyshkin

KI/KI, from Amsterdam's vibrant underground to techno temples worldwide, is at the forefront of the new rave uprising. Since her initial sets at Spielraum in 2018, KI/KI has quickly evolved, making a lasting impact with her memorable performances, curating her "KI/KI invites" series, setting records for views and listens on YouTube, and stirring excitement on dance floors globally. KI/KI is undoubtedly a growing techno force.

VLADIMIR DUBYSHKIN, from the ancient city of Tambov by the Tsna River, does not let norms limit his musical imagination. He's known for his genre-experimenting flair, appealing both to fans of noisy electronic music and those who just want to dance. The energy on the dance floor is a testament to how his music choices directly influence the crowd's enthusiasm.

BOSTON 168, originating from industrial Turin, this Italian duo creates a psychedelic vibe with their distinctive acid techno sound. Following their standout performance at the REACT festival in 2023, we're thrilled to have them perform live in Belgrade, offering an outdoor experience this time.

RAR, the local hero and co-founder of Music Reactions, is renowned for his eclectic sets that seamlessly mix various genres, introducing a fresh dynamic to the rave scene.

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