Music Reactions Indoor Rave: April


petak / 12. apr 2024.



Hangar Luka Beograd


Hangar Luka Beograd
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Poslednja izmena: 12. apr 2024.

Daria Kolosova (UKR)

No winter lasts forever! It's time for the first spring Music Reactions Indoor RAVE! After proving herself as one of the best female DJs today with her set at REACT festival 2023, Daria Kolosova is returning to Belgrade to confirm her status! Alongside her, Øtta will make her Belgrade debut, seamlessly blending elements of trance and groove in her sets to create a dynamic and vivid musical style. Local talents RAR and Vrag will contribute significantly with their intro and outro duties.

Daria Kolosova, a prominent figure in the world of techno music, is known for her innovative approach that combines techno rhythms with breakbeat, industrial, electro, hardcore, and jungle. Her performances worldwide, including famous clubs like Berghain, Bassiani, Fabric, as well as prestigious Ibiza festivals Amnesia, HÏ, and DC10, are marked by unique energy and musical breadth. She particularly stood out with her performance at React 2023 festival in Serbia, where her energetic set left a deep and lasting impression on the audience.

Øtta, with her unique style, fuses trance and groove, creating a dynamic and colorful musical expression. From her debut with 'Plus One EP' to the hypnotic sounds of 'Candy22', she artistically merges old school psytrance with Brazilian drum rhythms and UK garage elements. Her performance at the Boiler Room, full of energy and originality, further cemented her status as a significant name in the world of electronic music.

RAR, a local hero and co-founder of the Music Reactions organization, is widely known for his eclectic sets that boldly mix different genres, bringing a fresh dynamic to the rave scene.

Vrag is a techno DJ and founder of the Offel organization in Belgrade. He's continually advancing and breaking through on the scene. His style is based on hard groove with break rhythms and Detroit techno influences.

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