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Commissar Lag
Milos Vujovic


A promoter of underground culture, a DJ and a respected producer - Serbian-born Commissar Lag’s established name stands synonymous with techno.

While known for his forward-thinking techno productions, Commissar Lag also offers a unique DJ style which employs new and old alike, not shying away from any flavor and any tool to build up the dance-floor to a sweat-inducing frenzy. “All emotions in music are valid” is a phrase he commonly reaches for and this mantra is felt across all of his creative outlets. As a result, Commissar’s music offers a timeless quality appealing to any lover of the true techno sound, and beyond.

Growing up in the turbulent Balkans, Lag has built up a resilience and commitment to his path, ignoring passing trends and staying truthful to his vivid, distinct style. His undeniable quality and hard work quickly made him into Serbia's techno ambassador, allowing him to spread the message which someone who lived through war and discord can best understand - a message of inclusiveness and unity.

Commissar Lag is set to stay on his current path as his mission, his initial vision, is yet to flicker. His ruthless determination is awe-inspiring, and is, along with his musical prowess, the main reason for his popularity. Lag is definitely someone to keep an eye on, but more importantly - someone to listen to.


Miloš Vujović has been actively involved in the Serbian underground DJ scene for over 20 years. He has performed in all major cities in Serbia, as well as had notable performances abroad in the Netherlands, Macedonia, and Croatia. In addition to impressive sets at EXIT Dance Arena and Green Love Festival, he has shared the stage with many world-renowned DJ names such as Cristian Varela, Sam Paganini, Luigi Madonna, Mladen Tomić, Jay Lumen, Markantonio, and many others. He defines his production style as "rolling and pumping techno" and currently has releases on labels such as Unrilis, IAMT, Funk'n Deep, Loose Recordings, Gain Records, Reload Records, Reload Black, Tauten, Stickrecordings, and many more.

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