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Annus Novus 2024 @ KC Grad 31.12.2023 from 21-06h

Stevie Whisper, Petar Martic b2b DJ Bayk, Feloneezy, Eostra, Drill, Leshutler, Matkec, All Stars, Aleksandar Lazar

For more info:

STEVIE WHISPER is a DJ/producer, promoter, and visual artist from Belgrade. Growing up on the hard-core scene in the early 2000s, he became one of the pillars of a local underground culture whose reputation began to grow further through working with SuperSizeShe, a collective that brought the independent music scene closer to his hometown and began many trends without which the local music scene today would be unthinkable. Ariel Pink, Mac De Marco, Dirty Beaches, the Soft Moon are some of the names that visited Belgrade through activities of his concert agency. In recent years, he has invested energy in researching various genres of contemporary club music. Being regular in the DJ booths of the most prominent Belgrade underground clubs – 20/44 and Drugstore, and through his club night YES, whose activities soon expanded to publishing, Stefan gained a reputation as one of the most significant selectors from this part of Europe.

DJ duo, consisting of PETAR MARTIC , Serbian born, and Moscow raised musician and producer, who played in numerous bands and projects around Russia and Europe (@pasoshmoscow, Prigaya Kiska) and Sergey Baykov aka DJ BAYK , one of the most established Russian DJs and a graphic designer who, few years ago, released his debut album on the "Domashnaya Rabota" label.

FELONEEZY occupies a unique space within the scene, drawing influences from all corners of the shop. He is building mixes from tracks intended for big systems – glacial ambiance and muscular percussion are at play with spaciousness and low-end weight.

With involvement in global footwork motherboard from Chicago - @teklife57 and tracks on @hyperdubrecords , @opaltapes , and @brainfeederrecords , 2021 saw him releasing Axis to Axis, a four-tracker that goes hard on resampling, blending Jungle and Dancehall with field recordings. The EP captures hypnotic psychedelia, lubricated by moments of Dub and Jazz - a direction shared with his forthcoming releases.

EOSTRA is a visionary DJ, promoter and creative director of @yzeech club. His love for electronic music and his innovative style, combining rhythmic patterns, bass and deep atmosphere, has earned him a reputation as one of the quirkiest DJs on the block. “Inspired in his earlier years by UK garage, dubstep, and anything on the hardcore spectrum. Today his sets are an eclectic mix of multi electronic genres within the heart of techno." — Boiler Room

From Berlin's legendary Tresor and Griessmuehle to Tokyo's Circus and Seoul's lovely Trippy, his sets are always unique and memorable, reflecting his unbridled passion for music.

DRILL is a multifaceted talent: a DJ, promoter, and the driving force behind @osmnight. His sets are a rich musical tapestry that span a variety of genres, from rap and grime to dubstep, breakbeat, and drum and bass.

LESHUTLER is Belgrade based producer & DJ, co-founder of the electronic music label @cyber.jit which music received support from Jencen Interceptor, Partiboi69, Yazzus, Ellen Allien and more. During the existence of the project Leshutler worked with DJ Mell G on her debut EP “Booty Fabulous”and SVZZ on his “Granules Ket” EP. He has a huge discography on the labels like International Chrome, Mind Controlled Rectifier, Childsplay, Planetaria Soundsystem, URBAN, Snippets, System 108 and more.

MATKEC is a young open-format DJ inspired by the UK club music, the sound of Chicago and Gucci Mane. Filthy bass and footwork enthusiast, seamlessly sailing through different rhythms while filling them with crunchy and wild drum breaks. Always decorating a set with a few suprises and selecting the finest of the rap, rnb and grime vocals to go on top of the hard groovy tracks, giving birth to many hip-hop and electronic music hybrids while keeping that garage and 4x4 feel to it alive.

Born and bread in the heart of KC Grad, the ALL STARS are a crew, a boy band and b2b DJ duo between Nikola Ubović @ubovic_ and Vasilije Pantović @vasilijebjj. All Stars is a product of countless after parties and looney nights, where they were growing their passion for getting people gassed up. And their style is no different. It's where UK ghetto sounds blends with nasty club techno which meets baile, creating an unique club experience and absolute mayhem on a dancefloor.

ALEKSANDAR LAZAR is a multidisciplinary artist whose work encompasses the realms of visual and musical arts. Simultaneously delving into theory, visual, and musical expression, he explores structural parallels between music and visual media, as well as ways to connect and generate them. Drawing inspiration for his visual works from diverse relationships between sound and imagery, his creations fall into the category of synesthetic art, often referred to as "visual music."

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