Pyramid Festival 2024: Lions Gate Edition


5–11. avgust 2024.





Slika za Pyramid Festival 2024: Lions Gate Edition

Poslednja izmena: 12. apr 2024.

Join the Transformational Tribal Gathering at Pyramid Festival

Prepare for an otherworldly experience that transcends boundaries! Pyramid Festival invites you to a realm where the rhythms of Psytrance and the magic of Psychedelic culture converge under the mystical mountain Rtanj Pyramid healing energy.

What to Expect:

- Three Mesmerizing Stages: Dance to the beats of Psytrance, Dark Prog, Dark Psy, Full-on, and more on our Main Stage. Find serenity amidst Psyambient and Dark Ambient sounds at the Chill Stage. Reconnect with your inner self through Yoga, Meditations, Shaktipat, Healing Workshops, and Seminars at the Healing Stage.

- Artistic Collaboration: Witness artists unite in our Art Zone, creating visual spectacles that mirror the festival's essence.

- Camping in Nature: Embrace the forest's embrace with shaded camping spots and family-friendly zones. Connect with fellow spirits under the stars.

- Amenities: Enjoy free access to clean toilets, refreshing showers, and pristine mountain water.

- River Serenade: Find tranquility by the flowing river, a serene backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

- Shopping Delight: Explore a myriad of stands and shops offering local crafts, unique souvenirs, and festival essentials.

- Delicious Local Cuisine: Savor natural local food and cuisine at our food stands. Don't miss tasting the renowned Rtanj tea, celebrated for its healing properties.

- Cashless Convenience: Experience seamless transactions with our cashless payment system. Focus on the experience, not your wallet.

- Immersive Decor: Let our captivating decor, inspired by the Rtanj pyramid, transport you to another dimension. Find solace in spacious shaded areas and refreshing water sprinkles.

This isn't just an event; it's a journey into the heart of Psytrance and the Psychedelic culture. Are you ready to dance, reconnect, and create unforgettable memories? RSVP now and become a part of the Pyramid Festival tribe!

Camp open: August 5th, 2024

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