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petak / 10. maj 2024.





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Poslednja izmena: 26. apr 2024.

Madorasindahouse Showcase with LE CROQUE

Line up
Goran Starcevic
Deaf in Mini

Madorasindahouse is a platform dedicated to promoting electronic music culture, particularly focusing on house music. It encompasses various activities such as event organization, artist promotion, and content creation. The brand aims to showcase both established and emerging talents within the electronic music scene, providing a platform for DJs, producers, and enthusiasts to connect and share their passion for house music. Through its events, online presence, and community engagement, Madorasindahouse contributes to the vibrant electronic music landscape, fostering creativity, collaboration, and appreciation for the genre.

Dj & Producer Le Croque, is a rising figure in the modern house music scene. Being a part of the infamous Madorasindahouse crew, but also as a top-notch producer, Le Croque has a steady presence in the sales charts, as well as in club booths in Europe , Africa and across Greece. Having made a string of a-class collaborations with legendary names such as Roland Clark or Robert Owens, in addition to playing in clubs like Berlin’s Watergate , Paris’ Djoon or Raspoutin Rome & Marrakesh he is your go-to choice when it comes to quality House Music that can make people from all backgrounds dance.

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