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No stone is left unturned when talking about DJ Hell, one of the most active names on the German electronic music scene. For example, you can drop a granite block on this story straight away and say Helmut Josef Geier has been djing since 1978. But there is one thing that keeps him afloat after all these years. While others lose their edge with time, DJ Hell has successfully rejuvenated himself with each release, seeding the distinct Gigolo sound around the planet.

What's the trick?

Keeping his appearance as clean as his production, DJ Hell has shown that, in the end, it's a matter of taste that you cannot fake. Whether it's the Grace-Jones/Jean-Paul Goude-inspired cover for "Teufelswerk," collaborations with Jonathan Meese, or location scouting Oscar Niemeyer for the "Copa" video, Helmut knows his art and fashion!

We're stoked to host Helmut in this Limited capacity for Love scenario at Karmakoma on January 13.

Ali Güney

Joining Helmut and welcoming the guests are Regen and Ali Güney, representing two takes on club pumping optimisation. PRESALE starts on DEC 29 at Resident Advisor. 50 EARLY BIRD TICKETS 20€ available till JAN 3. PRESALE PRICE is 30€ after that. DOORS 40€

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