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Slika za ATHZIRA (GTM)

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Organizacija Digital Chemistry dovodi po prvi put u Srbiju i Beograd Athziru.


Suseth  Martinez, a visionary artist from Guatemala, has left an indelible  impact on the music industry. Since 2014, she has pursued music  production with unwavering passion. Since 2015, as Guatemala’s first female Psytrance DJ, she took an active part in the local Psytrance  scene.

After  releasing her first tracks back in 2017, she introduced her innovative  live act concept, Athzira, blending Psytrance with indigenous music from  Central and South America, inspired by Mayan culture.

In  2022, Suseth reached new heights with the collaborative masterpiece  “Athzira and the Travellers.” This marked the establishment of her own  record label, Ik-Tek Records, a testament to her visionary spirit and  entrepreneurial drive.

Currently,  Suseth explores new horizons with the Progressive/Full-on project “Aqua  Aura” in collaboration with Hosenfeld and is diligently working on an  anticipated EP for “Shamanic Tales Records,” promising a captivating  sonic journey.

Suseth  Martinez’s contributions have solidified her as a true trailblazer,  consistently pushing boundaries in her craft. With international acclaim  and unwavering dedication, she continues to captivate audiences  worldwide, leaving an enduring imprint on music enthusiasts.

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